Foundation Garden Coaching

A Foundation Coaching Session is a 60-90 minute coaching session where we can review your needs, identify what we can on the spot, but I’ll also take pictures and report back on anything I’m not sure of on-sight, we’ll also discuss your goals and what steps to take to get there. I offer a follow-up written Coaching Notes on all Foundation Coaching Sessions, and this can include notes on maintenance and/or ideas (with a sketch) of how you may want to renovate a certain bed. We can really customize your coaching session to your particular needs. I will email you the coaching notes and we can either FaceTime or meet live (approx. 30 minutes) to review. 

If you’re completely satisfied with your experience and would like to continue your coaching, I have several options for additional support, and we can discuss those as needed. 

Now is a wonderful time to work in the garden, I’m excited at the prospect of working with you.

Keep Growing Sessions

After your Foundation Session, you may want to continue our relationship with further sessions! We can tackle another bed design, or discuss the how-to of deadheading, dividing, or pruning. These sessions are completely customizable and at a per hour rate.

Garden Consignment

Is it breaking your heart to tear out perfectly healthy plants for a new patio, home renovation, or garden renovation? Let’s talk about how we can work together to re-home them!

Backyard Coop Consulting

Do you have aspirations of your own suburban flock? Many communities are now permitting the keeping of backyard chickens. But that doesn’t mean your yard needs to look and smell like a barnyard!