Our Approach

Our Approach

Just because you’ve bought a house does not mean you instantly acquire the skills and knowledge to maintain the landscape and garden. My mission is simple. I provide the coaching support you need to maintain and grow the outdoor spaces you are envisioning. I will listen to your ideas, help you bring your plan and tasks into focus. Annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees all require care. Some minimal, some more intricate - but how is the average homeowner supposed to navigate all this? Simple! Garden Coaching with The Garden Mom.

Our Story

My Story

It’s simple . I have a passion for gardening. I love the first spring crocus that sneaks up out of the snow cover. I love muddy boots, the buzzing of bees, the burst of fragrance from an unfurling rosebud, and the sense of magic when the landscape takes on its fall hues and the first frost glints on the petals of late summer blooms in the cold morning sun.

I wasn’t classically trained as a horticulturist or landscape designer (but, if I could turn back time...). I simply bought an old home on one those picturesque cobblestone streets and then when the time-neglected bones of an old garden started to show through, my guilt drove me to figure out how to restore the old glory as best as I could. Fast forward, many life changes, many houses, and uncountable hours spent devouring garden books and relentless trial and error in my own gardens... and now I’ve accumulated a ridiculous amount of garden know-how and enjoy applying my skill set to help others.

Meet The Garden Mom

Hello! I’m Meg. I’m a lover of all wild things. Some (my garden) can be managed and cultivated into orderly beauty, while others (my husband, twin girls, six hens, three fish, and one ornery old cat) are best enjoyed in their native state, wild and free.


Meg Torres

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